• Shipping Logic Improvements. Since the release of our shipping logic feature we have been continuing to add updates and improvements, including:
    • Increased Speed: Individual API shipping logic calls can take 2-4 seconds. Multiply that by thousands of orders and the process ends up taking much longer than expected. Therefore, to increase our speed, we are now batching and sending around 40 orders per call, allowing the entire batch to be processed within seconds, rather than waiting for a call for each individual order.

    • Lead times: Lead times have been added to account for weekends and holidays. They have also been added to account for postal insertion days (for carriers such as FedEx Smartpost and UPS Surepost).

    • Retailer Timezone: The timezone of retailers are now being taken into account for the submission timestamp of orders.

  • Warehouse Email notification Temporarily Turned Off. We have temporarily turned off email notifications for new warehouses in order to allow suppliers to add their new warehouse addresses to the Warehouse Manager and clean up any information that may be inaccurate. Once notifications are turned back on, suppliers will receive an email notification for each warehouse in the Warehouse Manager that lacks a valid address.


  • (Lack of) Processing Log Visibility. After last week’s release (4/25/18), process logs were temporarily not visible within the portal. Not surprisingly, our Support team received a flood of emails from Suppliers looking to find out the failures for their files. Long story short, we cleared this up in a few hours and the process logs were visible again, allowing our Support team to go home satisfied by a job well done.
  • Batch Action Bug. Dsco suppliers marking items as out-of-stock with the Bulk Actions tool discovered that their changes weren’t being registered with their users. Instead, even though item details displayed an “out-of-stock” status with 0 quantity, the item history would show no recent updates to the item. This bug meant that the bulk changes suppliers made to inventory data were not being exported to trading partners since Dsco did not detect any changes to the item history. But never fear, you will be happy to know that this bug has now been corrected and all bulk changes are now being recognized and logged by the platform. Bulk Action away!
  • DSCO 5010 EDI Fixes. We have fixed three 5010 EDI issues with this week’s release: (1) Dsco was excluding the TD502, TD503, TD504, and TD505 values if no carrier/method were given at the time of order. However, the 5010 exports will now always include “Unspecified” if carrier/method is not set. This will allow such 5010  exports to remain valid according to the X12 standard; (2) if no email is provided by a retailer, PER segments will no longer include PER06 and PER07 values; (3) for users of 5010 exports, the platform’s LTL verification was causing an incorrect random service level code to be input in the order. This has now been corrected.
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