• Invoice Total/Cost Check. Before this update, Dsco didn’t tally order level costs to check if they matched invoice totals, which led to some common human error problems. To fix that, the portal will now perform order level calculations of subtotals, charge amounts, handling, freight, and sales tax to make sure they equal the totals that suppliers submit with an invoice. If a mismatch is found, the portal will display a warning message and provide options to edit the invoice totals or to proceed as-is. If the costs add up, however, the invoice will submit with no warning message.
  • Support Site Facelift (3/21/2018). You may have noticed some changes to the support site. Black and white was a bit drab so we thought it could use a face lift. Add a smoother looking template, some color, a clownfish, and voila . . . much easier on the eyes. Besides the new look, we’ve also included some new documentation on retailer implementations, the retailer technical integration process, an introduction to our onboarding guide Gandalf, and a new tips and tricks page. 
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