Gandalf, Dsco’s Virtual Onboarding Guide

Dsco has automated much of the supplier onboarding process by developing a virtual onboarding guide we call Gandalf.

Instead of losing weeks creating and testing a new individual connection from scratch, suppliers can quickly plug into Dsco’s standardized data platform using their preferred data integration method. Once a supplier has accepted an invitation to join the platform, Gandalf takes them step by step through each stage of this process, including:

  • Setting up preferred connection method

  • Validating and testing inventory updates

  • Validating and testing order processing

  • Validating and testing invoicing

This means there’s no need for trading partners to coordinate on documentation, data mapping, or testing because once a supplier works through each automated stage and passes Gandalf’s testing, their Dsco account is ready to go live.

Benefits of Automated Onboarding with Gandalf

  • Saves time: Using Gandalf, most suppliers are able to complete onboarding in under a week without the need to coordinate schedules, set up documentation or data mapping meetings, or test their connection with retailers.

  • Reduced IT man hours: IT teams don’t have to spend time on onboarding and testing because Gandalf automates the process for them.

  • Elevated support: The data standardization that makes Gandalf possible also streamlines our support process. Each of our support reps can jump in and help on any implementation without the need to master unique details. This is what allows Dsco to onboard and support 1000 suppliers for every person on our support team.

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