• Fill/Kill Order Fulfillment Policy. Dsco has released a new feature allowing retailers to set their fill/kill order-fulfillment policy for incoming orders. Dsco will then enforce that policy as suppliers provide updates to their orders.
  • Webhooks. Two new webhooks are now available which will send delta updates for cancelled or shipped orders to the subscriber.
  • Duplicate Order Detection. Dsco has improved its duplicate order detection when orders are created through Dsco's API.
  • Gandalf. When orders are created by Gandalf, the packing slips for those orders will come from the supplier's sponsor instead of the generic packing slip. We've also updated some content within Gandalf for better clarity.
  • Dsco EDI Import Version 1.0. Dsco's original EDI import mapping has been modified to omit the mapping of a bill-of-lading-number within the CAD segment to ensure it doesn't get imported as a package_tracking_number.
  • Item Edit. The "Delete Item" button has been removed from the supplier's Edit-Item view.


  • Better Product Search. Searching for products with a colon is now supported.
  • Order Search. Fixed an issue where the Late Order Flag and Cancel Requested Flag were sometimes not returning the correct orders.
  • Item Data. Fixed a bug where we were not allowing the shipping-related flags on an item to be set to NULL. This was hindering our ability to know for sure if the supplier has set the flag or not.
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