• Customized Packing Slips. Retailers can now work with Dsco to create custom branded packing slips to support their drop shipping program. Multiple packing slips for regular orders, gift orders, etc. can be created and will be generated and stored with each new order and made available to their suppliers.
  • Tracking Code Error on Invoice Create Page. Updated the error message being issued when an invoice import fails because the items being invoiced have not received a shipment update. The new error message makes it clear that an invoice can only be created against items that have shipped. If prior shipping information has not been provided, that shipping information must be included within the invoice.
  • Dig Into API Calls That Are Updating Shipment Information - Prevent Duplicates. Updated the handling of shipping information to ignore duplicate updates to a shipment when no new shipping information is found within the new update.
  • Add partner_sku Field to Inventory-Related Imports and Exports. A new field called "partner_sku" has been added to the Inventory, Product and Catalog imports and exports. This field allows a supplier who is only working with one trading partner to provide their partner_sku for that trading partner without having to provide the account_id or trading_partner_id.
  • Allow Querying of Orders in Elastic Search by Return Flag, Update the UI to Take Advantage of the returned_only Parameter. The Dsco portal has been updated to allow users to search for orders with shipments that have been marked as "returned" by the supplier. Access the Returned Only flag within ORDERS >> ALL ORDERS.
  • Collect Known Warehouse Codes From Inventory Feeds to Create New Warehouses. A new WAREHOUSE MANAGER page has been added to the SETTINGS area of supplier accounts. This allows the supplier to add and/or edit their warehouse information. As new warehouse codes are encountered via inventory imports, the new warehouses will be added to the warehouse manager so that the supplier is able to provide address information for each warehouse. This information will be used in the future to better track shipments.


  • Missing 997s - AS2 Transmissions. Dsco is better at tracking the lifecycle of all files sent via AS2 to any customer.
  • SKU Not Found Associated With Tracking Number in Portal. Fixed an issue where an error was encountered when creating a partial invoice against an order where no previous shipping information has been provided yet shipping information was provided within the invoice at the line-level.
  • Unable to Invoice Three Different Item Lines Via Three Different Invoices. Fixed an issue where an error was encountered when attempting to invoice a multi-line order without shipping information previously provided and creating invoices for each line individually.
  • dscoPackageId Not Populated Within Invoice API. Fixed an issue in the Dsco API where the dscoPackageId was not being populated on invoices when shipping information was being provided with the invoice for previously unshipped orders.
  • partnerSku Not Supplemented on Invoice Line Item. Fixed an issue in the Dsco API where the partnerSku was not included on invoice line items when multiple invoices of the same line number provided.
  • Order Created Via API Without Ship-To State. Fixed an issue in the Dsco API where an order was created without a ship-to state, which is required.
  • Assortment View/Download Problems. Fixed an issue where changes to assortments by a retailer would not be represented within the Dsco portal.
  • Processing 846 With Only One SKU. Fixed an issue where, in certain situations, an EDI 846 file containing only one SKU would not process properly.
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