• Dsco Shipment Download Issue. Shipment Pending Downloads to Shipment Template has been fixed.
  • Line Item Line Number Bug. Orders created via the portal will not include a line number unless explicitly set by the retailer.
  • Enforce Rules Around Shipping Cancelled Items in Portal. When suppliers add shipment updates to an order via the portal, Dsco will now only show and allow items that have not yet been cancelled.
  • Dsco Shipment Download - Incomplete File. Fixed a bug where shipment data downloaded via the portal would not include shipments that didn't specifically mention the items that were shipped.
  • Unable to Locate SKU - ASN Issue. Fixed an issue where shipment updates were unable to locate certain items when the connection between the supplier and retailer who initiated the order was no longer active.
  • "Rejected" Status Option in Portal. Removed "rejected" option from the dropdown menu in the portal when supplier cancels a line item on an order.
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