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Some of your suppliers may support creating personalized items for your customers. If a supplier supports personalized items, you can use Dsco to add personalization messages for each item on an order, even if the same SKU is ordered multiple times. 

The steps below outline the process required to create an order in the Dsco portal with personalized line items. Orders with personalized items can also be created through file uploads or API calls. 

Go here to download the file templates and learn more about the fields required when creating personalized orders through a file upload or API call.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Workflows > Orders.  Next, select Processing Orders or Shipment Pending from the sub-menu.

Step 2: Click the white and grey CREATE NEW ORDER button in the top righthand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Complete at least the red-underlined fields, as well as any fields for additional information you'd like to include. When you're ready to add line items, scroll down to the Add a SKU section below the Shipping Instructions.

Step 4: In the Add a SKU box, start typing in the SKU of the item to add to the order. Select the correct SKU and click the Add to Order button. 

Step 5: The selected SKU will be added to the order. Follow the same process to add other SKUs to the order. 

Step 6: If the same SKU was ordered multiple times but requires different personalization for each quantity, you can add the SKU to the order again and add a line item line number to uniquely identify each personalized item. Search for the SKU again in the Add a SKU box and select the Add to Order button. Once the item has been added, use the # column next to the SKU column to add a line item number for each SKU. 

Step 7: Once all line items have been added to the order, select the + Add Personalization button under the Personalization column for each line item. Add a personalization note for each item. 

Step 8: If everything else with the order is complete, select the COMPLETE ORDER button. 

Your new order should now be created in Dsco. Checking the Items section, you'll see each of the line items listed with unique personalization notes. The supplier can now start processing the order and update the specific line item when they are ready to ship and invoice the items. 

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