Occasionally, you may want to initiate the cancellation of an order in Dsco. This request for cancellation could happen for several reasons: a bad address on an order, a customer request for cancellation, or a missed SLA. If the order has already been sent to the supplier then you'll need to follow the steps below to request a cancellation of the order. With this feature, both the retailer and supplier need to approve the cancellation. 

Audience: Retailers

Follow the steps below to locate the order and send a request for cancellation to the supplier. 

This process only applies if an order is in Shipment Pending status, meaning that it has already been sent to the supplier. If an order is still in Created status, meaning that it hasn't been sent to the supplier yet, then the retailer can cancel the order at any time. 

Orders in Shipped or Cancelled status cannot be updated through the Dsco portal. 

Step 1: Head to the SHIPMENT PENDING page on the ORDERS tab in Dsco (https://app.dsco.io/orders/shipment-pending). Locate the PO that you wish to update and select the PO number. 

Step 2: On the order details page, select the Cancel Order button. 

Step 3: Include a reason for the cancellation request and select the Yes, send the request to cancel this order button. If the order is already in Shipment Pending status, Dsco will also display a message noting that the order has already been transmitted to the supplier.

Step 4: Once the request has been submitted, Dsco will display a message noting that an email has been sent to the supplier. If the request needs to be expedited then please reach out directly to the supplier. 

Once the request has been sent, the supplier will be required to sign in to Dsco to approve the cancellation. It is possible that the supplier may reject the request and choose to ship the item anyway. 

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