There may be times when customers reject orders or packages are unable to be delivered. In those cases, packages may be returned to the supplier and suppliers may need to indicate the returned status of the package. Using the process below, suppliers can use Dsco to indicate that an order has been returned.

Note that not all retailers use this Dsco feature. Please confirm with your retail partners on how they typically handle rejected or undeliverable orders. 

Instead of reading this documentation article, if you'd prefer to see a walkthrough of this feature directly in the Dsco portal then click this link: Return an Order

Follow the steps below to indicate that an order has been returned to the supplier:

Step 1: Head to the ORDERS page in the main navigation bar and then select ALL ORDERS in the sub-navigation bar. Locate the order you'd like to mark as returned. Select the PO Number of the order to edit. 

Step 2: Locate the Return button in the Packages section of the order details page. If the order has multiple packages then you'll need to make sure you're selecting the correct package. Select the Return button on the package to mark as returned. 

The order must be in Shipped status for the Return button to be visible. 

Step 3: On the next page, add the Return Date, Return Number, Quantity Returned, and Reason. You can add additional details if needed. Select the Submit button when you're ready to mark the order as returned. 

Here is a list of reasons that you can assign to a package return:

Return Reason Return Code Description
Undeliverable CRU Package returned due to bad address.
Damaged CRD Product returned.
Defective product CRP Product isn't working as expected.
Product not as described CRN Product didn't meet expectations.
Customer regret CRR Returned because customer changed their mind.

After selecting the Submit button, you'll be taken to the detail page of the return itself with a message noting that the return information was successfully added. 

When you return to view the PO itself, the Return button will be gone. You'll now see a VIEW RETURN link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. As soon as you mark the order as returned, your retail partner will be notified of the return and will take action from there to update the order.

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