Schema Changes to Inventory, Order, Shipment and Invoice. Inventory files will see new identifiers included in the standard import and export files. Orders will see many new fields associated with packing slip customizations. Shipments and Invoices will see new fields to track the shipment throughout the shipping lifecycle.

Partner SKU Mapping. Suppliers can now provide a mapping of their SKU to their trading partners' SKUs, allowing their trading partners to interact with those items using their own identifiers for each SKU rather than needing to use the SKU provided by the supplier.

Shipment Returns. If a shipment is returned to the supplier for any reason, suppliers can now mark that shipment as "returned" within the Dsco portal. Retailers can access these returned shipment updates via the Dsco API. Updates via flat-file exchange are forthcoming.

Multiple Line Items in a Single Order for a Single SKU. Dsco now allows a single SKU to be ordered more than once on a single order which allows each item to be customized according to the customer's request.

Shipments from Invoices. Prior to release, Dsco required that shipments be provided prior to invoicing. After release, suppliers can create invoices without shipments being provided previously as long as they include the shipment details within the invoice. Any shipments found on the invoice will automatically be stored and made available to the retailer within both the shipment and invoice exchanges.

Beta Dashboard/Reports Portal. Dsco is developing a new user interface for suppliers and retailers. Users will now be able to access a new dashboard and reports area not previously available to them. Look for new functionality to be released in the next few months as we move all of the features available in the current Dsco portal to their new home.

Dashboard Update. Some Dsco accounts may notice that their landing page, or the dashboard they see when first logging into the Dsco portal, has been updated. This update ensures that all accounts on the platform see the same version of the dashboard.

Retailer Order Request-to-Cancel. All retailers now have the ability to request to cancel an order. If the order has already been received by the supplier, the system will email the supplier asking them to cancel the order.


855 ACK Segment Issue. An issue where a value of "IA" in ACK01 was being ignored has been resolved.

Invoice 810 Ship-To Info. An issue where Ship-To Information within 810 invoice data was not being saved properly to the invoice has been resolved.

Ship-By Date 850 Issue. An issue where the Ship-By-Date within an EDI 850 order export was not being exported properly has been resolved.

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