Audience: Suppliers

Performance notifications can help you with managing fulfillment, inventory, and program performance, including Order Exceptions and Inventory Exceptions.

  • The platform sends an aggregated summary of order exceptions on a schedule specified by the supplier.
  • The platform sends suppliers inventory exceptions on a schedule or once they occur. A reminder is also sent 24 hours after the violation deadline.

Suppliers automatically receive email notifications of exceptions M-F on a random hour between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm. However, a supplier can set when they would like to receive their exception summary (for example, weekdays at 8:00 am). When they are scheduled to receive their summary, the platform aggregates and reports any open warnings or violations.

These notification settings can be set per user and can be unique for each user in your account. Any changes you make will be effective immediately.

For other types of notifications that can help you stay on top of system failures or errors and warnings related to orders and inventory, refer to Configuring notification preferences.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu in the top left corner and select Settings > Notifications.

Step 2: The Notifications page is displayed. Click the Performance tab at the top of the page.

Step 3: Click Subscribe for the desired notification.

  • For order exceptions summaries, select the days of the week and time you'd like to receive the notification. If you'd like to change the timezone of the notification schedule, go to your Account Settings and update the display Time Zone in your General Settings.
  • For inventory exception alerts, you'll immediately receive an email after you miss a required inventory update and then every 24 hours until the exception has been resolved.




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