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A shipping profile is used to provide your shipping capabilities to your retailers on Private Marketplace. Common shipping capabilities include:

  • Locations where you ship to (ship zones)
  • Handling/processing time
  • Service levels that can be accommodated
  • Transit time
  • Price

You can create a default shipping profile, and add additional shipping profiles as needed. For example, you can create one profile that applies to most of your items and another profile for fragile items where delivery times may be longer.

If your retailer uses shipping profiles as part of their Private Marketplace program, the shipping profile will automatically be linked to the items in your inventory.

Note: Not every retail trading partner participates in Private Marketplace, which is different from the drop-ship program.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Settings > General Settings. Your account details are displayed.

Step 2: On the General Settings page, click Shipping on the left.

Step 3: On the Shipping Profiles page, click + in the top right.

Step 4: In the Create Custom Profile page, enter the following details:

Creating a shipping profile In the Details section, enter the Name for this shipping profile.
Add a ship zone

a. In the Zones section, click Add Zone.

b. Select the applicable location zones and click Add Zone.

Add shipping rates for each ship zone

a. In the Zones section, click Add Rate for the specific zone.

b. Complete the following:

  • Use the Ship Service Level drop-down to select the service level type for the zone.
  • Enter the range of business days needed for the Lead Time.
  • Enter the range of business days needed for the Transit Time.
  • Enter the Default Price for products not covered by conditions.
  • (Optional) Click Add Condition if you want to apply a Price that’s dependent on a Minimum Weight, Maximum Weight, and the Unit. To add additional conditions, click Add Condition as needed.
Note: You can add multiple shipping rates within each zone. Repeat steps a-b as needed.
Add products Click the drop-down menu to select the desired products for this shipping profile.

Step 5: When completed, click Create at the top of the page.

Step 6: On the Shipping Profiles page, the profile is displayed on the page. To create additional shipping profiles, repeat Steps 3-5.


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