Audience: Suppliers

In Private Marketplaces, retailers can set a commission percentage of the final sale at the category or at the brand level. Be aware that the commission rate is not calculated until the item has been shipped. The Trading Partners page displays your trading partner’s catalogs, categories, category rates, and any changes to the commission rates.

Note: Not every retail trading partner participates in Private Marketplace, which is different from the drop-ship program.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Partners > Trading Partners. The Trading Partners page is displayed.

Step 2: Click the trading partner whose details you want to see.

Tip: Use the filter options on the left to filter the list by Partner Status, Go-Live Goal, and/or Protocol.

Step 3: From the Trading Partner Summary page, click the Commissions tab to view your trading partner’s commission rates. In the example below, there is a 10% base commission rate at the category level, and there is no brand-specific commission rate.

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