Audience: Suppliers and retailers using Orders Beta for returns

Once a retailer or supplier creates a return, the trading partner can complete the return by accepting or rejecting the items in the return.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Workflows > Orders BETA. The Orders Beta List View is displayed.

Step 2: Use the Return Status filter to find returns.

  • Select Return Created to find returned orders that you created. (Orders with this status have not yet been accepted by your trading partner.)
  • Select Return Requests to find returned orders created by your trading partner.

Step 3: Click the order number you want to take action on. The Order Details page is displayed.

Step 4: At the top of the page, a banner is displayed, notifying you that a return has been requested. Click Complete. ****

Note: The Complete button also appears if there are returns pending on the Returns tab.

Step 4: On the Complete Return page, you can:

  • Accept the items in the return request, select the items you want to accept and click Complete.
  • Reject the items in the return request, do not select any items and click Complete.

The Order Details page appears with a notification in the bottom right corner, stating that the return was successfully completed.

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