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The returns process between retailers and suppliers varies based on the retailer’s business rules. For example, if your retailer initiates a return through the platform, you can choose to:

  • Accept the return once you receive the goods from the customer or receive notification of a return.
  • Reject the return request for reasons such as you never received the returned goods or some of the goods were not returned.

Looking to stay on top of your returns? Sign up to receive email notifications to know when a retailer has sent you a return. See Updating your general settings for more information.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Workflows > Returns. The Returns page is displayed with a list of all your returns.

Returns Page.jpg

Step 2: Click the desired DSCO RETURN ID for the return you want to process.

Step 3: Enter the details required for the return and click Submit

Return details.png

Step 4: The return detail page displays a message noting that the return was successfully submitted. To check on your return, go to the Returns page.

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