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Audience: Suppliers

Your Network Profile is your chance to showcase your company’s offerings, help you increase your potential to get matched, and increase your sales. To learn more about Network Discovery, go to Getting Started with Network Discovery.

You can adjust the following details related to your company’s Network Profile:

  • Logo
  • Overview details, such as your company’s website and company description.
  • Catalog information, including the number of SKUs, brands, and categories that your company supports.
  • Sales details, such as average number of SKUs sold in the last year, and retailers or channels you’re already connected to.
  • Fulfillment details, including number of annual shipments, locations you ship from, and carriers you support.
  • Sales Contact details, such as name and contact information.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Settings > Network Profile.

Step 2: On the profile page, you can:

Update your logo

a. Click the pencil icon next to your profile name at the top.
b. In the Edit Logo pop-up, click the upload icon to upload the logo and then click Save Changes.
Note: Don’t have a logo? Click the My company doesn't have a logo option.

Update the Overview details

Click the pencil icon and update your company’s overview details as needed:
- Company’s website address. If your company doesn’t have a website, click the My company doesn't have a website option.
- Other names your company goes by in the Company Alias field.
- A Company Description.
- The year the company was established in the Year Established field.
- The current Number of Employees.
- Additional Details that apply to your company.

Update your Catalog offerings

Click the pencil icon and update your company’s catalog offerings as needed:
- Number of Total SKUs your company offers.
- Number of Dropship SKUs available for dropship orders.
- Number of Marketplace SKUs available for marketplace orders.
- All the Types of Products your company sources.
- All the Brands your company supports.
- All the Categories your company supports.

Update your Sales data

Click the pencil icon and update your sales data as needed:
- The Currency Code your company uses.
- The number of Annual Sales.
- The Avg Unit Retail Price for your products.
- The Avg. Order Value - last 12 months for your products.
- The Avg. Volume of SKUs Sold - last 12 months.
- A list of all your Current Channel Connections.

Update your Fulfillment details

Click the pencil icon and update your fulfillment details as needed:
- The total number of Annual Shipments.
- The Delivery Regions your company ships to.
- The Fastest Shipping Capability your company can support.
- The Retail Models that your company supports.
- The Ship from Locations that your company ships products from.
- Supported Carriers that your company uses to ship products.
- If your company can bundle products as a single SKU.
- If your company can accept returns directly from customers.
- If your company can expedite fulfillment needs.
- If your company can fulfill custom orders, such as a personalization request.
- If your company can exclusively sell items for specific retailers.
- If your company provides shipment tracking to customers.

Update your Sales Contact details

Click the pencil icon and update your sales contact details as needed:
- The name of the sales contact.
- An email address for the sales contact.
- The phone number for the sales contact.

Act on or view requests to connect

See the Analytics section to view any interested or accepted retailers. You can accept different retailers by navigating to your visibility settings.

Specify your visibility settings

See Setting up your Network Profile visibility

Step 3: When complete, click Save Changes.

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