Note: As this is an Early Adopter release, your experience may vary based on your configuration.

Audience: Suppliers

Network Discovery is an offering that both retailers and suppliers can use to grow their business. Your Network Profile is your chance to showcase your company’s offerings, help you increase your potential to get matched, and increase your sales.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Settings > Network Profile.

Step 2: On your profile page, you can view or update the following details:

  • Overview - Your company’s website and company description
  • Catalog - Number of SKUs, brands, and categories that your company supports
  • Sales - Average number of SKUs sold in the last year and retailers you’re already connected to
  • Fulfillment - Number of annual shipments, locations you ship from, and carriers you support
  • Sales Contact - Name and contact information
  • Analytics (view only) - Number of retailers who are interested or have accepted your profile
  • Network Performance (view only) - Number of Active SKUs and average time to ship items

Step 3: To add details or update your Network Profile, see Managing your network profile.

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