Welcome to the Dsco Portal

At this time, you've created your Dsco account, by accepting an invitation from a retailer you know, and you’ve set up your company profile. Now, you can begin familiarizing yourself with the Dsco platform.

Key Portal Features

The Dashboard provides an overview of the platform, which includes news and other items you may be interested in. To populate the Dashboard, click Load Dashboard.

 The Trading Partners page is where you manage your trading partner connections.

The Inventory page is where you manage your products and inventory. See Inventory for more information.

The Orders page is where you manage your orders and shipments. See Orders for more information.

The Invoices page is where you manage any invoice you have sent back to your retail partners. See Invoices for more information. 

The Automation page is where you set up and manage your scheduled jobs and view processing history. See Supplier Job Automation for more information.

The Reports page is where you can view various reports on your fulfillment rate and open orders outstanding.

Did you know that you can download inventory, orders, and invoices directly from the Dsco Portal? Just select the yellow Download All Results button in the top right corner to download all selected items.

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  • Like all of your other 'help' screens there is no link to the actual webpage where this work can be performed... Act like a new user and see if you like it

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  • I am also having this same issue. I need to actually access the dashboard rather than read articles about it.

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  • Same issue as above attempting to access the dashboard and not sure how to accomplish

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  • I'm also unable to find where to access the Platform Dashboard, please provide link.

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  • I am also having the same issue. How do we actually access the dashboard through this login? When I go to my regular CommerceHub dashboard, the Dsco platform is not listed under My Apps so I am unable to access it from there either. Please provide instructions on accessing the dashboard.

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