Use this API to get orders that are in the "created" state, meaning waiting to be fulfilled, in the Dsco Platform and return a single page of the results.

Reference the PagedOrderResult JSON Object and the Order JSON Object.

 The Get New Orders API documents the API's URL, it's arguments/return values and how to interact with it (GET, POST, PUT, etc.) in the Dsco Interactive Playground.

 Input Params

Below you will find additional detail on the input params.

  • pageNumber 
    Use this param to specify which page of results is desired.  Initially, call this API with the pageNumber set to 1.  The response will include the total number of pages of results as the pageCount field, allowing the developer to make additional calls to this API to retrieve all pages of results.  Please note that every call to this API returns the pageCount field in the returned object and the developer should verify that the pageCount does not change as he iterates through the pages.  The pageCount would only change if the number of items is changing in the Dropship database as a result of an integration or process importing new items.  If the pageCount does change the developer should do one of the following...
    1. Enter an error condition and schedule the process to execute again at some point in the future
    2. Wait a period of time, perhaps 30 minutes, and execute the process again without creating an error condition.

 Output Object

The result of calling this API is the PagedOrderResult JSON Object. It will contain the list of orders returned from this API for the specified page of results if any.

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