Use this API to update an order's shipment in the Dsco Platform.

 Reference the Shipment JSON Object.

 The Update Order Shipment API documents the API's URL, it's arguments/return values and how to interact with it (GET, POST, PUT, etc.) in the Dsco Interactive Playground.

 Input Order JSON Object

Pass an instance of a Shipment JSON Object as the body of the http request and that order's Shipments will be updated.  New Shipments will be added to the Order.  Existing Shipments will be updated.  There is no way currently to delete a Shipment once added to an order.

 Note that each PackageLineItem JSON Object in the packages array of each Package of the Shipment must include either a dscoItemId or a SKU and may contain both.

 Output Order Object

This API simply returns an HTTP 200 success when the order's shipment is updated successfully.

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