Use this API to update or create an item's inventory data in the Dsco Platform.

 Reference the ItemInventory JSON Object.

 The Update or Create  Item Inventory API documents the API's URL, it's arguments/return values and how to interact with it (GET, POST, PUT, etc.) in the Dsco Interactive Playground.

 Input Item Inventory JSON Object

Pass an instance of an ItemInventory JSON Object as the body of the http request and that item's inventory will be updated if the item can be found and created if it cannot be.  Dsco will attempt to find the item by dscoItemId/dscoSupplierId and if not found then by sku/dscoSupplierId and then if not found will create it.   The following attributes will be applied for creating or updating if they have changed:

  • title - the item's title
  • quantityAvailable 
  • estimatedAvailabilityDate
  • quantityOnOrder
  • cost
  • currencyCode
  • upc
  • ean
  • mpn
  • isbn
  • gtin
  • warehouses

Be sure to include dscoSupplierId.

 If the quantityAvailable is updated to zero when it previously wasn't zero the item's inventory status will be set to "out-of-stock".

 If the quantity available is updated to greater than zero when it was previously zero the item's inventory status will be set to "in-stock".


The result of this API is the newly created or just-updated ItemInventory JSON Object.

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