The OrderStatus JSON object defines the status of an Order in the DSCO system.

- Make sure you're familiar with JSON before continuing.
- The JSON objects are defined using Orderly.  Optional attrs end with a "?" all others are required.

- isodate fields use one of these ISO 8601 format: 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000+01:00, 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000+0100, 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000Z
- Dsco reserves the right to add new attributes at any time so Partners should ensure their validators won't break should this happen


    int dscoOrderId;
    string poNumber;
    string status[created, shipment_pending, shipped, cancelled];
    array{ref OrderStatusLineItem} lineItems?;
    int dscoRetailerId;
    int dscoSupplierId;
    string dscoTradingPartnerId;
    string dscoTradingPartnerName?;
    string requestedWarehouseCode?;
    string requestedWarehouseRetailerCode?;
    string requestedWarehouseDscoId?;
    string dscoWarehouseCode?;
    string dscoWarehouseRetailerCode?;
    string dscoWarehouseDscoId?;
    string shipWarehouseCode?;
    string shipWarehouseRetailerCode?;
    string shipWarehouseDscoId?;


    "dscoOrderId": 82282,
    "poNumber": "a0skjd99",
    "status": "shipped"
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