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Ship Mapping allows Dsco to normalize shipping options which enables more comprehensive reporting and functionality surrounding SLA enforcement while allowing retailers and suppliers to utilize their own shipping codes. Whenever an order is imported into Dsco, we will check the designated shipping option against the ship mapping and, if we find a match, we will normalize that shipping to Dsco's standard codes. If no mapping is found, we will compare the code against the standard codes and normalize accordingly if a match is found. Otherwise, we will use the designated shipping carrier/method/service code as-is without normalization. In that case, Dsco will not be able to enforce SLA's or provide other functionality surrounding shipping reporting.

To set up your ship mapping as a supplier, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into your Dsco account.

Step 2: Move your mouse over your account name at the top-right and select Settings and then select Ship Mapping.

Any shipping carrier/method combination that your retailer(s) have enabled will be highlighted in yellow. This means that it is important for you, as the supplier, to set up your mapping for at least these shipping options.

Step 3: If you wish to map your own shipping service level codes to Dsco's standard codes, put a check in the box under the Customize column and then enter your own values into the Carrier, Method and Service Code boxes.

Step 4: Select Save Changes.

Dsco Standard Shipping Codes

Carrier Method Service Code
FedEx  SameDay  FESD 
FedEx  SameDay City  FSDC 
FedEx  First Overnight  FEFO 
FedEx  Priority Overnight  FEPO 
FedEx  Standard Overnight  FESO 
FedEx  2Day A.M.  F2DA 
FedEx  2Day  FE2D 
FedEx  Express Saver  FEES 
FedEx  Ground  FECG 
FedEx  Home Delivery  FEHD 
FedEx  SmartPost  FESP 
FedEx International Priority FEIP
FedEx International Economy FEIE
UPS  Next Day Air Early  UNAE 
UPS  Next Day Air  UNDA 
UPS  Next Day Air Saver  UNAS 
UPS  2nd Day Air A.M.  U2AA 
UPS  2nd Day Air  U2DA 
UPS  3 Day Select  U3DS 
UPS  Ground  UPCG 
UPS  Standard  UPSS 
UPS Surepost UPSP
UPS UPS Surepost Lightweight
UPS Mail Innovations Domestic UMID
USPS  Priority Mail Express  USPE 
USPS  Priority Mail  USPM 
USPS  First-Class Mail  USFC 
USPS  Ground  USCG 
Generic Three Day  G3D 
Generic Ground  GCG 
Generic Express Saver  GCX 
Generic International  GIX 
Generic Next Day  GND 
Generic Priority  GNM 
Generic 1st Overnight  GON 
Generic Same Day  GSA 
Generic Saturday  GSD 
Generic Second Day  GSE 
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