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You may create new SKUs right in CommerceHub's Dsco platform or upload multiple SKUs at a time via inventory spreadsheets, flat-file formats, or API. For suppliers creating just a few SKUs, manually creating the SKUs in the web portal is the fastest. 

Want to see a walkthrough of how to add a new SKU? Click through the steps directly in the Dsco platform using the Guide Me tool: Add Inventory

Step 1: Click the Dashboard icon and select Workflows > Inventory.  The Inventory page is displayed with a list of all your SKUs.

Step 2:  Click Create SKU at the top of the page.

Step 3: In the Add SKU page, enter the SKU information in the appropriate fields. When finished, click Save Changes.

Many retailers require more information in order for them to process your inventory, so other fields have been set as Recommended. CommerceHub recommends filling out all of the "recommended" fields to ensure that there are no issues when your retailer partners receive your inventory.

Step 4: The new SKU is displayed in the Inventory page and is now available to your trading partners.

Adding images to your SKUs

Note: The instructions below are for adding images to inventory SKUs only. If you are adding images to products through advanced catalog services, see Uploading products instead.

Step 1: From the Inventory page, click a SKU from the list of SKUs. The SKU details page is displayed.

Step 2: Click Add Images at the top of the page. The Add Images page displays multiple options to upload different types of images.

Step 3:  Add files directly from your computer or paste a URL for each image you wish to add.

Tip: See Working with product images for more image guidelines.

Step 4: When finished, click Submit.

Step 5: In the SKU details page, check to make sure that your images look correct.

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