For suppliers only needing to create a few SKUs, this option is the fastest. The Dsco portal enables you to create one SKU at a time by entering the SKU information directly into the portal. As soon as you select the Save button the new SKU is available to your trading partners.

Follow the instructions below to create a SKU using the Dsco Portal:

Instead of reading this documentation article, if you'd prefer to see a walkthrough of this feature directly in the Dsco portal, you can log into your Dsco account then click this link: Add Inventory


The "SKU" field in Dsco only allows the following characters: a-Z 0-9 . , : ; \' ` ~ # & _ ! ( ) - + / \ | ?

Specific cases not allowed:
1. Scientific Notation: SKUs detected as scientific notation will be rejected. Example: 1.59041E+12
2. SKUs that begin with a single quote mark. Example: 'fail

Dsco will trim the SKU so that there is no empty space, such as spaces or tab characters, at the beginning or end of the SKU.

Dsco only allows SKU's that are 64 characters in length or shorter.

Step 1: Click the Navigation icon and select WORKFLOWS and then INVENTORY.

Step 2: Select the Create SKU button towards the top-right corner. 

Step 3: Enter the SKU information in the appropriate fields and select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page when ready.

The fields marked in Red are required.

The fields marked in gold are recommended.

All other fields are optional.

Many retailers require more information in order for them to process your inventory, so other fields have been set as "Recommended". Dsco recommends filling out all of the "recommended" fields to ensure that there are no issues when your retailer partners receive your inventory. 

Your new SKU will now show up within the INVENTORY page.  Select the SKU to see the details of the item, edit the details of the SKU using the Edit button, and add images using the Add Images button.

Step 4: While viewing the SKU in the SKU detail page, select the Add Images button at the top of the page.

Step 5: Adding images:

Dsco supports any sized image in JPG, PNG or GIF format. We recommend providing very high resolution images as we will resize them for your retailers so that they get the best size for their needs. 

Upload Files

The Upload Files section allows you to select image files you have on your computer. Select the Browse... button and browse your computer, select the image you wish to add and then provide an "Image Name".

Import from URLs

If your images are publicly view-able from within a browser you can copy and paste that URLs of your images to the Image URL box and then provide an Image Name for each image. 

Step 6: Select Submit to save your images to the given SKU.

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