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Invoices are used to convey to your retailers how much you are charging them for the orders that you have fulfilled for them. While there are several ways to submit invoice data in CommerceHub’s Dsco platform, this article focuses on manually entering invoices one at a time via the Dsco platform.

Tip: Looking to upload multiple invoices at one time via the Dsco platform? See Uploading invoices.

Here are some guidelines for invoices:

  • You cannot submit an invoice for an order not found within the Dsco platform or an invoice for an order in another Dsco platform account.
  • You cannot edit an invoice once it’s been submitted.
  • You cannot reuse an Invoice ID.

Note: Shipment information for an order can also be added at the same time as the invoice. See Adding Shipment Information for more details on using an invoice to add shipment information to an order.

Want to see a walkthrough of this feature? Click through the steps directly in the Dsco platform using the Guide Me tool: Add an Invoice

Step 1: Click the Navigation icon and select Workflows > Invoices.

Step 2: On the Invoices page, click Create New Invoice.

Step 3: Enter the PO Number for order you wish to invoice and click Next.

Note: You can also create an invoice from the Order Detail page for any order. Simply click Create Invoice at the top of the Order Detail page.

Step 4: On the Create Invoice page, enter invoice details in the appropriate fields.

Only three fields are required by the platform to create an invoice: Invoice ID, PO Number, and Cost. However, your retailer may require additional information to process the invoice, set as "Recommended." CommerceHub suggests filling out all of the yellow-highlighted fields to ensure you are paid for the items you ship.

For more information about the fields and definitions, see Dsco Invoice File Details.  

Step 5: When completed, click Create Invoice at the bottom of the page. The new invoice is displayed on the Invoices page.

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