SFTP File Automation Options

Dsco no longer accepts FTP connections as of April 30th, 2019. For more information on this, please see the article here: FTP URL Migration (sftp.dsco.io). Port 22 should be used for all SFTP connections.

An SFTP server is included with every Dsco account, each having its own unique SFTP credentials. To view your Dsco account's SFTP credentials, please log into your Dsco Portal and then visit the Automation > SFTP page linked here: https://app.dsco.io/automation/sftp

Several folders exist be default on every SFTP site to allow for easy access to files associated with automated jobs you'll create from your Dsco Portal to process those files. Below are descriptions of these folders, including their purposes. For more information about automated jobs, which are used to retrieve files from and deposit files to the SFTP folders detailed below, see this article: Creating an Automated Job.

The following folders are available with their associated uses:

  • /in/

This is where you place files that need to be imported into Dsco if you have selected "Dsco SFTP" within the Job Creator on the Automation page of your Dsco Portal.

  • /in/processing/

This is where the Dsco platform will place files that are currently being processed. Once the files are processed, they will be moved to the "/in/archive/" folder.

  • /in/archive/

This is where the Dsco platform will move files once we process a file found in the "/in/ folder." The Dsco platform provides you access to the files in "/in/archive/" folder for two months.

  • /out/

This is where the Dsco platform places files exported from the Dsco platform, if you have selected the "Dsco SFTP" option within the job guide.

  • /out/archive/

This is where the Dsco platform moves files once you download a file found in the "/out/" folder. Our platform provides you access to the files in "/out/archive/" for two months.

  • /misc/

Used for temporarily storing files. No automation is used with this folder.

Dsco also supports the use of external SFTP servers for all incoming and outgoing operations. Additionally, if a job is configured as an import, Dsco supports the use of both HTTP and HTTPS file-path URLs.

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