Dsco recommends that suppliers add as much data to Dsco as possible so that retailers have all the data necessary to list products on their website. Images should be included in the data uploaded by the supplier. This guide should help suppliers understand the difference between product and item images and learn how to upload those images to Dsco. 

Product and Item Images

Product Images

Product images in Dsco should be used to showcase the various items you sell. You can add many different product images to each item in Dsco. Follow the steps below to add product images to each of your items in Dsco. 

Dsco supports any sized image in JPG, PNG or GIF format. We recommend providing very high resolution images as we will resize them for your trading partners so that they get the best size for their needs. 

IMAGES HOSTED IN DROPBOX: When linking to images hosted on DropBox, you must provide a link to the image with "?dl=1" added to the end of each URL. Without that, our servers will not be able to access the image as the DropBox system usually provides a web page that shows you the image instead of "just" returning the image itself.

If you don't use the product groups feature there there is no need to use item images. Item images should only be used if you're also using product groups. Instead, just use the product images option when adding images to an item. Go here for more information on the product groups feature. 

Item Images

Item images in Dsco should be used to showcase the individual items within a product group. Unlike product images, item images should be specific for each item in Dsco. Follow the steps below to add item images to items in Dsco. Please note that if you try to add item images to an item that is not part of a product group then the images will not appear in Dsco. 

Adding Images

Using the Portal

Follow these steps to add images to Dsco via the Dsco portal:

Step 2: Select the Add Images button toward the top-right of the page. 

Step 3: You'll see several different types of images to upload on the next page. Add files directly from your computer or paste a URL for each image you wish to add. 

As noted above, only add item images if you are also using the product groups feature in Dsco. 

When you're finished, select the green Submit at the bottom-right of the page. 

Step 4: You'll be taken back to the item information page. Check to make sure that your images look correct. 

Using a Spreadsheet

Follow these steps to add images to Dsco via a spreadsheet upload: 

Step 1: Download a product Excel template from Dsco. You can head to this page in Dsco (https://app.dsco.io/inventory/upload) or use the link below.

Step 2: Fill-in the spreadsheet to add the data for all items you want to upload to Dsco. Make sure to include the correct image data in columns R - W. Remove all unused columns from the spreadsheet. 

Step 3: Upload the spreadsheet on this page in Dsco: https://app.dsco.io/inventory/upload. You can check the status of your upload by heading to the HISTORY page in Dsco (https://app.dsco.io/automation/history). 

Go here for more information on using that history page in Dsco. 

If you choose to upload your images via a spreadsheet then every item should include at least one image URL. If there are any blank rows in the "image_reference" columns then Dsco will remove that image from the item. Make sure that either all rows are complete in the "image_reference" columns or completely remove the "image_reference" columns from the spreadsheet. 

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