Brands truly harness the power of the Dsco platform when they choose to integrate with multiple retailers through our system. The pricing tiers feature is one tool to help manage this one-to-many integration model. Pricing tiers allow brands to assign different pricing for different retailers or groups of retailers. For instance, a brand may have a "department pricing" for major retailers and an "specialty pricing" for smaller retailers. Or, they may have pricing specific to a specific retailer. In either scenario, pricing tiers supports what price you want to pass to your retail trading partner.

The pricing tiers feature in Dsco works well with the Dsco assortment feature. Creating assortments allows you to share only specific inventory items with your retail partners. Go here for more information on that feature. 

Creating Pricing Tiers

Follow these steps to use the Dsco pricing tiers feature:

Step 1: Use a spreadsheet to create your pricing tiers and assign the appropriate inventory to each tier. In the cost field of your spreadsheet (you can use the Dsco template for this:, separate different pricing tiers with "^^" signs. 

Example: 7.25^^10^^12.50^^15.25

Step 2: Upload your spreadsheet here: htps:// You can check the HISTORY page to verify that the upload process finished successfully:

Step 3: Click the SETTINGS and select PRICING TIERS ( to name the pricing tiers that were created by that spreadsheet upload. The default names for the pricing tiers are "default, price02, price03, price04, etc." The name of the "default" tier can't be changed, but any other name can be adjusted. 

Assigning Pricing Tiers to your Trading Partners

Once you've created your pricing tiers, go to the TRADING PARTNERS ( page and select the Settings icon for a trading partner. This will bring up the PARTNER CONFIGURATION page, where you can assign a specific pricing tier to the retailer. As the supplier, you will always see the default price in your Dsco portal. Your retail partners will only see the price from their assigned pricing tier. 

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