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If the price of your products has changed and you need to notify the retailer of these changes, you can upload Cost and Retail Price data via spreadsheet, making it easier to upload multiple pricing changes, and quicker to get responses from retailers to those pricing changes. Once you’ve uploaded your pricing changes, your retailer can accept or reject the changes.

To update pricing:

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Workflows > Products. The Products page opens.

Step 2: If necessary, filter the products list to show only the retailer and products that need price changes.

Step 3: Select the individual products or select all products to be updated, and click Manage Pricing.

Step 4. On the Manage Pricing window, select Upload and the Retailer.


Step 5: Click Download Pricing Template to get a template with all the products you selected. Fill out the columns in the template and save.

Step 6: On the Manage Pricing window, browse to the file using the arrow, or drag and drop the saved file in the box. Click Submit.

The pricing updates are sent to the retailer for review.

Step 7: As desired, you can check the status of your requests in the Pricing Updates column.


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