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You may place individual items on hold manually if you’d like to temporarily stop selling that item for a set amount of time. When you pause inventory, the item will be reported as out of stock (inventory quantity available of 0) until the time expires, and the CommerceHub Dsco platform will then end the hold. For example, when orders for item ABC are cancelled with an "out of stock" reason but the supplier's inventory is showing a positive quantity, you may put the item on hold until the supplier updates their inventory with accurate data.

Important: While suppliers are able to view a list of inventory holds via the Dsco portal, we recommend that you reach out to your supplier about the hold so that they may take action on the item to resolve an issue quickly.


Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Workflows > Inventory. The Inventory page is displayed with a list of all your items.

Step 2: Select the desired items to place on hold.

Step 3: Click Actions and then select Start Inventory Hold.


Step 4: In the Start Inventory Hold window, specify the Hold Duration and Hold Reason for the items.


  • The start date for the hold will be set when you click Start Hold.
  • If you select Indefinite for the Hold Duration, be aware that the items will stay on hold until you end the hold manually.


Step 5: When complete, click Start Hold.

Step 6: A confirmation message is displayed at the bottom of the page. To confirm that the items are on hold, use the On Hold status filter on the left to filter the list of items based on the hold status.

If you’d like to remove the hold on the items, see Manually ending an inventory hold.

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