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Your retailer may occasionally initiate the cancellation of an order in the CommerceHub Dsco platform. They may request to cancel the order for several reasons: a bad address on an order, a customer request for cancellation, or a missed service level agreement (SLA).

When your retailer requests a cancellation, you can either:

  • Accept the request and cancel the order.
  • Reject the request and ship the order. You can choose this option if you already shipped the order when the cancellation was received in the Dsco platform.

Note: Depending on the state of the order, the retailer can cancel the order before you receive it in the Dsco platform. If that happens, you’ll see a Cancelled status for the order on the Orders page. No action is required from you.

A supplier must have email notifications set up to receive cancellation emails. See Updating your general settings for more information on email notifications.

To respond to a cancellation request:

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Workflows > Orders Beta. The list of orders is displayed.

Step 2: Click the purchase order number to see the Order Details page. There is an orange alert bar at the top of the page. Tip: You can search for the PO number from the notification email, or filter the Flags for Cancel Requested.

Step 3: Click View Request.

Step 4: Choose how you want to respond to the request:

  • To accept the request and cancel the order, click Cancel the Order and click Save Changes. No further action is required.
  • To reject the request, click Don’t Cancel Order and click Save Changes. You can continue to ship the order as usual.
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