Audience: Suppliers

Details about your retailer trading partners are available to you through the Trading Partners option in the Navigation menu. To view trading partner details:

Step 1: Click the Navigation menu and select Partners > Trading Partners. The Trading Partners page opens.

Step 2: If desired, you can filter the list by Connection Status, Go-Live Goal, or Protocol.

a. Select the option you want to use for filtering.

b. Click Update.

Step 3. Click the trading partner whose details you want to see. The Trading Partner Details page opens. 

a. On the Summary Tab, you will find information about the trading partner company, contact information and relationship status. 

i. If the connection is still in an onboarding status, you will be able to see the onboarding progress and integration methods as well view the target Go Live Date. 

b. On the Settings Tab, you can configure trading partner IDs, returns addresses and shipping preferences. 

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