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RIthum's new supplier onboarding experience is a streamlined process that makes onboarding your suppliers simple and efficient, including

  • A step-by-step workflow
  • Inline support tips
  • Custom messaging
  • Real-time data validations
  • Interactive, hands-on experience

All of these benefits have demonstrated a reduction in the time it takes for suppliers to connect.

Want to see the onboarding process in action? See the Onboarding Your Suppliers course in Rithum Learn.

Supplier Experience

Your suppliers will be guided through a series of steps that explain how to connect with you through Rithum. They will be set up to fulfill orders successfully and communicate with you through the entire order/fulfillment lifecycle. Click on the articles below to see details.

Onboarding Configuration

Onboarding configuration is a way for you to customize the onboarding experience for your suppliers. Your configuration involves:

Task Setup - defines each step the supplier must complete to successfully connect to you. You have the option to:

  • Disable specific tasks and workflows that don’t apply to your program (e.g. disable “Returns” tasks if you are not using the Rithum platform for returns management.
  • Configure task parameters - These are the specifications for how to format or configure attributes you’d like to use. Examples include the maximum length of invoice IDs, or specifying the format of the test POs generated for supplier certification.
  • Include custom messaging - Custom messaging is a way for you to provide clarity, direction, or emphasis to support suppliers through their successful onboarding experience. Examples include reminding suppliers of SLAs they must meet, or tasks they must complete outside of the platform.

If you’re just launching on the Rithum platform, contact your assigned Project Manager for assistance.

If you’re an existing customer on the Rithum platform, contact your assigned Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Manage Your Trading Partners

Rithum provides a way for you to easily view and manage your connections to your trading partners. This ranges from suppliers who are in the middle of the onboarding process to active suppliers who are currently sending inventory and receiving orders. For more information, see:

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