Audience: Retailers and Suppliers

The item details page displays key information about your inventory SKUs, from attributes to actions you can take with the SKU.

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Workflows > Inventory.

Step 2: The Inventory page is displayed with a list of your SKUs. Click the SKU link to see the item details.

Step 3: On the item details page, you can:

  • View Product Group Attributes such as product group, assortments, or descriptions.
  • View Item Attributes such as cost, status, and the last time the quantity was updated.
  • View Product Group Item Options such as SKU, title, cost, and last updated date. Click a SKU from the list to view additional details.
  • View Extended Attributes such as brand_id, sleeve_length, country_of_origin.
  • Edit the item’s attributes (suppliers only).
  • View historical details about the SKU, such as quantity changes or what caused the changes. Click More Actions at the top and select Item History.

    Note: Retailers can find more information on how to read and use the item history in Atomic History is Born.
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