Audience: Guess suppliers

This page contains documents that are unique for suppliers connecting with Guess on the platform. The documents on this page have been customized for Guess suppliers and should be used during the onboarding process and when receiving live orders.

For questions related to the Guess drop-ship program, please reach out to your brand's Guess merchandising representative.

For onboarding support, please email the Onboarding team at

For production support, check out Rithum’s supplier documentation or email our Software Support team at

Onboarding with Rithum

To learn more about the onboarding process and your next steps, see Joining the Rithum Network.

Required Fields by Workflow

Guess requires certain fields for inventory, cancel, shipment, and invoice updates. You will need to ensure that you are sending all the required fields for this program. The document below outlines those required fields by workflow.

Guess - Required Fields by Workflow

Excel Templates for Each Workflow

If you would like a description of the required fields listed in the document above, or if you plan on using Excel files for your feeds, the templates below are available for you to use.

Guess - Inventory Upload Template

Guess - Cancel Upload Template

Guess - Shipment Upload Template

Guess - Invoice Upload Template

EDI Documentation

If you are going to exchange EDI documents with Rithum for Guess, you will use the standard EDI specifications.


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