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Rithum’s platform provides the option for you to add shipment information to an order at the same time an invoice is created for an order.

Important: If you choose to provide shipment information with an invoice, be sure to include all the shipment fields your retailer requires. Refer to your retailer’s Required Fields by Workflow guide for more information.

When attempting to create an invoice for an unshipped order through the portal, the portal will detect that the order in question is not in a "shipped" status and will display the following message:



Follow the steps below to add shipping information to the invoice.

Step 1: Click I'll provide shipping information on the invoice.

Step 2: Depending on how you shipped the order, choose one of the following options:

  • If the entire order was shipped with a single tracking number, locate the Shipping section and add the shipment details. Some fields may be auto-populated based on the invoice. Be sure to include the # of Units Shipped, Shipping Method, Shipping Carrier, and Tracking Number.


  • If you shipped the order in multiple packages with multiple tracking numbers, click the + button to the left of the SKU field to add additional shipment information for that SKU. Be sure to include the # of Units Shipped, Shipping Method, Shipping Carrier, and Tracking Number for each SKU.


Note: Some retail partners may require line-item line numbers to be provided for all order line-items or that shipment information be populated at the line-item level. Be sure to follow your retailer’s business requirements for shipments.

Step 3: Click Create Invoice.

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