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This page contains content that is unique for suppliers connecting with RONA on Rithum's platform.

For onboarding support, please email Rithum’s Onboarding team at

For production support, check out the supplier documentation or email the Software Support team.

Using advanced catalog services to set up your products

Advanced catalog services is designed to help you get products listed faster and give you greater visibility into the setup process. As a supplier, you are required to use advanced catalog services to add all rich product data, including images, for any products you wish to sell on RONA's website. To learn more, go to Advanced catalog services for suppliers.

Looking for more information on managing your content with advanced catalog services? View and enroll in the Managing Your Content training course in Rithum Learn, which provides interactive, on-demand business and system training.

Note: Advanced catalog services is different from the basic Catalog templates that are used to provide product data to your retail partner. For more information about uploading basic Catalog/Inventory templates using the Inventory page, see Creating or Updating Inventory.

To access advanced catalog services from the OrderStream platform, click the Inventory menu and select Manage Content. The Products page will be displayed.

Dropship and Owned Inventory Programs

RONA supports two programs:

  • Owned inventory program- Suppliers will use the Rithum platform to build SKUs that are stocked by RONA.
  • Dropship program - Suppliers will use the Rithum platform to build SKUs that will be fulfilled by the supplier using Rithum’s OrderStream platform. Note: You will still be required to report inventory quantities in OrderStream. For more information, see Maintaining and submitting inventory.






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