• Trading Partner History. A new HISTORY page is now visible within the TRADING PARTNER manager. This page shows when trading partners become connected or disconnected, when the flow of live data is stopped or started and other significant events.
  • Improved Portal Pagination. All pagination actions throughout the portal are now accessible at the top and bottom of each page.
  • Update to UPC/EAN Logic Within Certain 846 Export Jobs. For certain retailers' 846 exports, the Dsco Platform now sets quantity to zero whenever a UPC/EAN is detected in the SKU field but no UPC/EAN field is set. Previously, we would pass the UPC/EAN along with the accurate quantity information.
  • Trading Partner Onboarding Status. The "Completed" status is now visible within the "Onboarding?" column of the TRADING PARTNER manager. Previously this status was blank.
  • Update to Certain Retailers' 810 Invoice Export. Previously for certain retailers, if an invoice was created when the items in question didn't have a UPC/EAN and then an EDI 810 was generated from it, the line-item information wouldn't contain the UPC/EAN. In this situation, the Dsco Platform will now look for the UPC/EAN within the order object and include it in the 810.
  • Item History Pagination. Users now have the ability to view more than just the 100 most recent updates using the pagination navigation.
  • Webhooks Update. When a retailer pauses the connection with a supplier, and that supplier then sends an inventory update, the Dsco Platform will now only send the zero quantity update once. 


  • Pipe-Delimited Invoice Import Data Not Importing. This bug affected anybody using pipe-delimited flat files who had their new lines set to be Unix-style lines.
  • Shipping a Cancelled Order Does Not Result in an Error. Previously, if an order was cancelled and then shipping updates were added to the order, the Dsco Platform would reply with a "Success" but provide a warning that the order couldn't be shipped. Shipment information will now be rejected with an error whenever the order or items in question have been cancelled.
  • Analytics. When a supplier is selected, the order total doesn't show the correct order totals for that supplier.
  • Dsco Invoice Data Mapper. This bug affected the mapping of an invoice export file. Addressed messaging when unsupported file types are used.
  • API Order Data Transmission. This bug affected the creation of orders via API when a shipping service level code is provided.
  • File Processing Failure. This bug caused the translate step to fail if the previous step found files to process but the translate step couldn't find said files.
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