• We have improved the portal UI. On the ORDERS page, the Upload Orders button has been removed from supplier accounts. Additionally, the filters on the INVOICE page have been improved, making it easier to filter for a single trading partner. Users can also search for a trading partner by name.
  • We have improved catalog uploads for certain suppliers. Custom scripts have been created allowing certain suppliers to affect specific inventory items depending on which job they utilize.
  • We have updated the shipping cost logic for certain retailers. For retailers who requested this update, the estimated ship cost of items weighing less than 1 pound has been changed.


  • Fixed EDI export bug. We have added code that will look for the UPC/EAN of all invoiced line items and copy the UPC/EAN to the invoice if available. This allows invoices to export successfully out of Dsco in the event that a supplier has removed the UPC/EAN from those inventory records.
  • Fixed packing slip generation error. A fix has been deployed that ensures packing slips are printed properly when deleted orders happen to be included in the request. 

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