Note that suppliers are able to control what items may be viewed by their retailer trading partners. Retailers and suppliers may need to discuss which items should be visible to both parties via the Dsco portal, as well as which descriptive attributes should be included in each item's Dsco entry.

Follow these steps to download inventory data directly from the Dsco portal:

Step 1: Select INVENTORY from the main navigation bar.

Step 2: Select the specific supplier from the drop-down menu for which you wish to view inventory.

Use the other filters provided to search through the data and find the inventory items you wish to view. Once the desired items have been found, select the Download ... Results button.

Note that selecting the Download ... Results button will not download any items you have already filtered out. If you have not applied any filters, all inventory data will be downloaded.

Step 3: After selecting Download ... Results, choose the file format you prefer. In addition to the XLS, Comma and Tab options, a custom format may be created by using the data mapper. Go here for more information on using the data mapper. Then select Inventory, Product or Catalog, depending on how wide you need the downloaded data set to be.

You can also create an automated job to export inventory data from Dsco on a regular schedule. Go here for more information on creating an automated job in Dsco.

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