Audience: Retailers

Follow the steps below to access and update your account settings.

Accessing your account settings

Step 1: Click the navigation menu and select Settings.

Step 2: In the sub-navigation menu, select any of the following options: 

  • General Settings: Update your account contact information, order policy settings, and time zone settings. We encourage you to review the General Settings policies for the Rithum platform to make sure they align with your internal policies. This will allow your trading partners to fulfill and invoice orders appropriately.
  • Admin Settings: Set up program field requirements and rules (The Basics, Inventory, Orders, Shipments, Cancellations, Invoices, Returns, and Stores). You can also set up the operating calendar for your business in The Basics tab.
  • Company Profile: Update your company profile and contact information. 
  • Mapping SettingsUpdate your mappings for cancel codes, return codes, shipping, and carriers.  
  • Carrier Settings: Configure third-party billing accounts for your trading partners to generate ship labels. Contact your Rithum representative to learn more about enabling this feature for your account. 
  • NotificationsAdjust your notification settings for errors and exception messages.
  • Shipping Science: Enable the Shipping Science feature and configure various shipping settings.
  • UsersManage existing users or add new users to your account. 
  • Warehouse ManagerUpdate Retailer Warehouse Codes and view warehouse details (Supplier Name, Supplier Warehouse Address, Supplier Warehouse Code, Rithum Warehouse ID, and Warehouse Calendar).
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