WHO THIS AFFECTS: All suppliers and retailers currently connecting to Dsco via an FTP connection. This change includes connections to either ftp://ftp.dsco.io:21 and sftp://ftp.dsco.io:22. 

In 2018 Dsco will be working to ensure greater levels of security for our client’s data. As a first step in that direction, we will soon no longer accept FTP as a protocol for file-exchange. 

Benefits of the Change

This stricter security policy will allow us to create a more robust enterprise platform with a higher degree of protection for our clients’ data. Clients who switch to the new SFTP host will gain access to the following benefits:

1. Increased security for data being exchanged only via SFTP.

2. Greater scalability and performance.

Change Required

The switch to SFTP is simple. All you need to do is change the URL you use when communicating with Dsco’s FTP servers to the one for SFTP.

In most cases, this can be accomplished by making two changes:

1. Change the hostname URL from ftp.dsco.io to sftp.dsco.io

2. Change your port/protocol from ftp:// and port 21 to sftp:// and port 22. 

We encourage you to make this change as soon as possible to gain access to the improved security and scalability noted above. Beginning in 2019, the change to the new URL will become mandatory.

Please contact our Dsco support team at support@dsco.io with any additional questions about this change.

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