Audience: Retailers

Congratulations! You have been invited by a trading partner to conduct business using Rithum's platform.

The platform solves the one-to-many integration relationships that challenge both retailers and suppliers when building a drop-shipping operation. Our platform is used for inventory and order management, consolidation, and automation for drop shipping. The platform connects retail storefronts to distributed product supply data.

The Invitation email

To use the platform, you must accept the connection invitation sent to you by your trading partner. The invitation includes a link you must click to complete the invitation process.

Once you click the invitation link, you can sign in to an existing account (if you already have one as a retailer), or create a new account by clicking Sign up.

Creating your account

Step 1: Enter all the required information, including an email address, password, and company information (company website, logo, address). All fields on this page are required.

Step 2: Click Complete Account.

Accepting the invitation

Now that you have an account, you can accept or reject the connection invitation.

Click Yes, accept this invitation if you wish to do business with the trading partner who invited you to the platform. Once accepted, you will be taken to the Trading Partners page where you can view the connection you just completed with your trading partner.

Only select No, reject this invitation if you do not wish to do business with the trading partner who invited you to Rithum. If you reject the invitation, you will not be able to trade inventory or order information with the trading partner who invited you to connect.

Congratulations! You now have an account and are connected to the trading partner who invited you to Rithum.

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