The PartnerSkuMap JSON object are defined on ItemInventory JSON objects and defines the sku to use for the given retailer and the supplier that created the Item in the DSCO system.

- Make sure you're familiar with JSON before continuing.
- The JSON objects are defined using Orderly.  Optional attrs end with a "?" all others are required.

- isodate fields use one of these ISO 8601 format: 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000+01:00, 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000+0100, 2014-01-01T10:30:00.000Z
- Dsco reserves the right to add new attributes at any time so Partners should ensure their validators won't break should this happen


    int dscoRetailerId?;     # The ID of the retailer to use this sku for
                             # (this or dscoTradingParnterId are required);
    dscoTradingPartnerId?;   # The trading partner ID of the retailer to use this sku for 
                             # (this or dscoRetailerId is required)
    partnerSku;              # The SKU to use 


    "dscoRetailerId": 12345,
    "partnerSku": "abc2342"
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