• We have added a new Inventory API endpoint. This new feature allows the user to retrieve a paginated result of all inventory matching the specified query. 

  • We have sped up our EDI 846 exports. Our developers have updated and optimized the processes that export EDI 846 files, causing the export jobs to run 90% faster.

  • We have made a small enhancement to our EDI 846 imports. The Dsco platform requires that a SKU be created without warehouse information within the N1 segment. If warehouse information is provided, Dsco will now return an error explaining the issue and how to resolve it.


  • Fixed bug to ensure all orders generated within the Gandalf Onboarding Guide will include the Shipping Service Level field.
  • Fixed bug for a specific automated job that did not import files if the Import Source was configured as an asterisk (*) wildcard.
  • Fixed 870 Cancellation import validation for certain EDI Specs. When an EDI Spec requires the ISR01 code be set to "IC," validation will now cause the data to be rejected and an error to be generated if any other code is provided.

  • Fixed 850 Order import validation. When the number of line items given for an order does not match the number of line items actually found within the 850 transaction, the import will fail and notify Dsco for further investigation. This ensures all line items are accounted for prior to orders being imported into the Dsco platform.

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