The auto-decrement feature in Dsco gives suppliers an easier option to manage their inventory and helps ensure that retailers always have an accurate view of quantity available for any item.

The Feature

One of the primary features of the Dsco platforms is connecting inventory feeds between suppliers and retailers. Dsco allows suppliers to upload their inventory feeds and retailers consume those feeds from Dsco to populate available items on their storefronts.

With the inventory feature, Dsco also automatically decreases the available quantity for an inventory item based on orders received. Whenever Dsco receives an order, the quantity listed on the order will be automatically subtracted from the quantity available on the inventory item.

A Few Examples

During the Week

Monday: A supplier sends an inventory update stating that SKU RE4534 has an available quantity of 10.

During the Week: Over the course of the week, three orders are received by Dsco, automatically decreasing the quantity in Dsco to seven.

Saturday: The supplier sends an inventory update, stating that the SKU has an available quantity of only five.

The result at the end of the week is that three orders were received and the quantity available for SKU RE4534 is now five.


Weekend: If your system is not importing orders and decrementing your own inventory, it is usually best practice to NOT send inventory updates over the weekend.

Dsco will decrement your inventory down for you as orders are received and, if the item sells out, automatically send a 0 quantity notification to your retail partners.

Monday: Once all orders are pulled into your system and your inventory is updated, send your inventory file with the correct quantities.

Common Issues

Best practice for suppliers when sending inventory to Dsco is to have the import job scheduled to run after orders are pulled in and decremented from your inventory.

However on Saturday and Sunday, inventory files can sometimes be sent to Dsco without proper allocation of your orders. This means that an inaccurate inventory picture will be sent to your retailer partner, resulting in overselling. If your inventory allocation cannot be stopped from running on weekends, please work with Dsco and your retail partners to properly configure your inventory import jobs to match your internal systems.

Even with the auto-decrement feature enabled, your trading partners will still want inventory updates to be sent to Dsco as frequently as possible. Frequent and accurate updates help ensure that your trading partners always have an accurate and up-to-date inventory picture. Supplier updates will always supersede any existing inventory count in Dsco. 

Please note that for some trading partners, this feature is not available. For more information, please contact

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