• Inventory Change Webhook Update. The quantityStateChangeOnly Inventory webhook has been updated to fire when an item that is currently out-of-stock is updated in any way but still remains out-of-stock. This change ensures that the subscriber is informed every time a zero quantity item is updated to ensure they fully synchronize their inventory information for items that are not available for sale.


  • Invoice API Fix. All invoice objects, including those obtained through GET calls as well as those obtained through webhooks, will now include the dscoTradingPartnerId and dscoTradingPartnerName as expected.
  • Dsco EDI 846 Import Fix. The 846 import process has been optimized to ensure the process doesn't run out of memory when processing significantly sizable imports such as those with over a million inventory records.
  • Automated Job Process Archival Bug. The archival of logs pertaining to automated job processing has been optimized for significantly sizable imports and exports to ensure that the process doesn't run out of memory.
  • Inventory API Update Fix. A bug regarding the logging of an API inventory update when setting the quantity to zero is fixed to ensure that the proper quantity is shown in the atomic history view of that item.
  • Duplicate UPC/EAN Bug Fix. A bug has been resolved where a small number of accounts were able to set more than one item to in-stock status when a duplicate UPC or EAN existed within the account. The affected users have been notified to ensure they can set the correct items to in-stock status.
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