The Dsco TRADING PARTNERS page provides a way for retailers to manage their different connections to suppliers. You can use this page to search for a specific trading partner and view information such as their connection status, integration type, and whether they have completed their onboarding to Dsco.

To access the TRADING PARTNERS page, just select the TRADING PARTNERS link at the top of the Dsco page. 

Connection Fields

Use the Dsco Trading Partner Name and Dsco Trading Partner ID fields to customize your connection for each trading partner. 

The trading partner name field can be used to alter the name of each supplier connected to your Dsco account. For example, if you use a different name to reference a supplier internally, add that name to the Dsco Trading Partner Name field and Dsco will update your portal so that only your internal name is used. From the screenshot below, you would only see The Trumpet on your inventory, order, and invoice pages instead of Trumpet Emporium.

Similarly, use the trading partner ID field to include a custom vendor number for each supplier. Dsco can include this number on each inventory, order, and invoice update exported from Dsco.

Pause or Un-pause a Connection

You can also use the TRADING PARTNERS page to take action and Pause or Un-pause a particular trading partner using the buttons on the right. If a trading partner is currently paused, or listed as Stopped under Connection Status, you'll see a Play button under Actions. Clicking the Play button will un-pause the connection and set the Connection Status to Active

Pausing a Trading Partner

Pause a connection with a supplier when you need to temporarily stop sending orders to a particular supplier. This will export a "zero" quantity of the all the supplier's inventory to your account and prevent any further inventory updates (new and open orders can still be fulfilled by the supplier). During this time you will also be unable to download inventory data from the supplier.

When you are ready to restart the connection, simply select the Pause icon and Dsco will export a new update with the supplier's current inventory.

Disconnecting a Trading Partner

When you would like to stop all further business ties with a supplier you can use the Disconnect button. This action will remove the supplier from your TRADING PARTNERS page and stop all future data exchanges. You will still have access to past orders and other historical data, but will no longer be able to see the supplier's current inventory or place orders on that inventory. 

If a trading partner is still onboarding with Dsco, the Play button will be grayed out until they have completed testing. The Onboarding?  column indicates whether or not a supplier has completed onboarding and, if they haven't yet finished everything, what step they're currently on.

Pause or Un-pause a connection in Batch

If you want to select multiple, or even all suppliers to Pause or Un-Pause, select the top box on the left of the Trading Partners header. Doing so will automatically select all of your Trading Partners. 

Next, select the Bulk Actions button on the right, next to Items per page drop-down.

In the Bulk Actions list, select either Start Connection or Stop Connection, whichever action you'd like to take with those selected trading partners. 

After clicking the Start Connection or Stop Connection buttons, the next page will show you which suppliers will be affected, including any suppliers that can't be updated due to an onboarding status. Select either CANCEL or YES, START THESE TRADING PARTNERS. 

If you select CANCEL, you'll be taken back to the CURRENT TRADING PARTNERS page. If you select YES, START THESE TRADING PARTNERS, you will also be taken back to the CURRENT TRADING PARTNERS page, but with one small difference. There will be a blue bar at the top of the page indicating that Your partners will be started shortly.

That's it! Your connection will be paused or un-paused shortly.

Did you know you can also schedule pauses or unpauses and allow Dsco to automatically update those trading partners for you? Go here for more information on that feature.

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