Dsco will automatically generate packing slips for each order that comes into your account. These slips can easily be exported as PDF documents for you to print and use when packaging your orders. All packing slips generated by Dsco have been pre-approved by your retail partners.

There are two ways you can export packing slips: through an automated job, or through the Dsco portal.

Export Packing Slips via an Automated Job

Any "Orders - Export" job that you create will have an option to generate a packing slip PDF. To enable that option, just head to step two of the job creation wizard and select the Generate Packing Slip Pdf checkbox. Checking that box will ensure that any order export includes both the actual order files and a PDF document that contains the packing slips for the exported orders.

Go here for additional help with creating an automated job.

Note: Setting the Export Destination to either SFTP or AS2 will ensure that Dsco deposits the PDF to that destination folder. If you choose to use a Download destination, you will be able to download a .zip file containing both the order file and the packing slip PDF.

Exporting Packing Slips through the Dsco Portal

Instead of reading this documentation article, if you'd prefer to see a walkthrough of this feature directly in the Dsco portal then click this link: Downloading Packing Slips

You can also download packing slips directly from the Dsco portal by going to the New Orders page in Dsco. Select on the View/Print Packing Slips button to have Dsco generate the PDF. 

When that button is selected, packing slips will be generated for all orders on the page. To filter the orders, use the Date Range and Search filters on the left side of the page. Selecting the View/Print Packing Slips button after filtering the orders will generate packing slips only for the filtered orders.

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